Feature Models vs BDD size: Impact analysis

PDF of the proposal

We work on an approach that leverages feature models for acquiring a compact representation of a set of valid configurations of a system in the form of a JavaBIP model used to control the software system at run time. The goal of this project is to propose and evaluate new approaches to the analysis of the impact of the feature model shape on the size of the Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) that encode it in JavaBIP (and thereby on the ensuing JavaBIP engine overhead).

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Design of correct-by-construction self-adaptive cloud applications using formal methods

Essentially, any software entity that goes beyond simply computing a certain function necessarily has to interact and share resources with other such entities. Correct coordination of access to resources among concurrent software entities is fundamental to ensuring that they satisfy user and system requirements avoiding operational faults and deadlock situations. This proposal targets the correct coordination of access to cloud resources among concurrent cloud application entities.

Trinh Le Khanh

Trình Lê Khánh is now working on this project

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