BRiCoS: Building Blocks for Rigorous Design of Concurrent Software

This project will address two fundamental challenges for the implementation of the Rigorous System Design approach to general-purpose software: 1) obtaining behavioural models of the coordinated software entities and 2) detecting the deviations between these models and the corresponding executable code in the face of software evolution.

Larisa Safina is working on this project

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Design of correct-by-construction self-adaptive cloud applications using formal methods

Essentially, any software entity that goes beyond simply computing a certain function necessarily has to interact and share resources with other such entities. Correct coordination of access to resources among concurrent software entities is fundamental to ensuring that they satisfy user and system requirements avoiding operational faults and deadlock situations. This proposal targets the correct coordination of access to cloud resources among concurrent cloud application entities.

Trinh Le Khanh

Trình Lê Khánh is now working on this project

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Automatic Synthesis of Self-Healing Android Applications

With Sergio Mover from LIX (École Polytechnique, Paris), we are looking for a student interested in working on “self-healing” Android applications.

The goal of the internship is to design and implement self-healing techniques for Event-Driven frameworks. Given an Android app, we want to automatically synthesize a new version of the app that avoids protocol violations—for example removing particular interleavings of events.

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