Self-adaptive modular robots: formal modeling for validation and coordination

The main objective of this project is to contribute to the implementation of modular robots by developing a formal framework to model, validate and coordinate their dynamic behaviours. The scientific challenges consist in particular in the ability to model the dynamic evolution of this type of complex systems—their adaptation and reconfiguration—by taking into account constraints on resources as well as events occurring in their execution environment.

This project is submitted for joint funding with the French Agency for Defence Innovation (AID). Therefore, we are currently looking only for candidates holding EU, United Kingdom or Swiss citizenship.

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The FormaliSE 2021 programme

The FormaliSE 2021 programme

The FormaliSE 2021 programme is ready and published! It includes two keynotes

  • “Program Verification: a 70-Year History” by Moshe Vardi (Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA)
  • “Towards Formalising Sustainable Security” by Liliana Pasquale (University College Dublin & Lero, Ireland)

and 13 paper presentations that you can discover here.

Register on the ICSE 2021 website. Looking forward to seeing you among the participants!