Component-Based Design 
of Concurrent Software 
in BIP

Lecture slides

This afternoon I will be giving a lecture about BIP to a group of students from a course taught by Panagiotis Katsaros at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

A current development version of BIP can be cloned from the Verimag GitLab:

git clone -b fixing-include-pv-exported-port-connectors      

Once the repository is cloned, install it by issuing the following commands:

$ cd compiler/distribution
$ ./
$ sed -i~ -e 's/1.6/1.8/' common.xml
$ source
$ env | grep BIP2

This will configure your current terminal window to use the BIP Reference Engine (there is also an optimised and a multi-threaded version of the engine). To configure all future terminal windows, either add the third command above (source <path_to_your_installation>/ to your .base_profile, or copy there the definitions of the corresponding BIP2 environment variables (see the last command above).

Additional information is available from the Verimag BIP Compiler page.

BIP examples used in the lecture