BRiCoS: Building Blocks for Rigorous Design of Concurrent Software

This project will address two fundamental challenges for the implementation of the Rigorous System Design approach to general-purpose software: 1) obtaining behavioural models of the coordinated software entities and 2) detecting the deviations between these models and the corresponding executable code in the face of software evolution.

Larisa Safina is working on this project

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My project proposal has been approved by the Hauts de France region

I have just received an official notification that my project proposal “Rigorous Component-Based Design of Correct-by-Construction Software and Systems: Application to Cloud Computing” was approved by the Hauts de France region.

Thanks to Charlotte Hespel and Lionel Seinturier for their help with preparing the proposal. I am Looking forward to officially starting the project.

Spoiler: I will be hiring a post-doc to work on formal models for self-adaptive software.